Few people moving from sheltered workshops to “integrated” jobs

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While the Baker administration appears to be moving ahead with a policy of closing all remaining sheltered workshops for developmentally disabled persons in Massachusetts, records show that relatively few people so far have been transferred from the workshops to the “integrated employment settings” that are supposed to replace them.

Confirming our concerns, the data from the Department of Developmental Services show that most of those people have been transferred to community-based day programs funded by DDS or MassHealth.

This has financially benefited corporate DDS providers that run the day programs and that have been among the most vocal proponents of shutting down the sheltered workshops. In what we consider to be an example of the inappropriate influence of private interests in DDS policy, two of those provider organizations actually helped draft a key DDS document that called for the workshop closures.

According to DDS records, the number of participants in sheltered workshops dropped by 1,166 between August 2014 and August 2015…

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The Ignored Hate Slur

Tiffany Ingham, MD, an anesthesiologist, has been sued for making cruel and mocking comments while a patient was under anesthesia during a colonoscopy.   The patient, a Virginia man, has been awarded $500K in punitive damages. The patient inadvertently recorded these comments because he was trying to capture the doctor’s post-operative instructions.

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Advocacy Organization Catch 22

In Massachusetts the ARC is the premier organization which promotes legislation to benefit the developmentally disabled. This is an impressive association.  Every quarter they send their stakeholders and benefactors a beautifully designed multi-colored newsletter containing information about legislation that affects individuals with developmental disabilities.  They also keep their constituents informed of upcoming legislation of interest via email alerts.  These email alerts often have links to pre-written template letters to send to lawmakers.  The governor and legislators listen to the ARC.  The ARC is very well organized, and there is no doubt that their accomplishments are remarkable.  They are the key to preventing the type of budget cuts that cripple the system for those with developmental disabilities. We believe that they are on top of everything that disability advocates want to know.  We rely on them to inform us.  We trust them.

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